Flash Fiction – 100 Word Drabble: Never Wake A Sleeping Dragon! 

Life has been really busy lately. I haven’t been able to find much time to write. I have managed to draft a few things though. Here is another drabble. I Introduce to you Never Wake A Sleeping Dragon!

I apologise that it comes in at 114 Words. A little bit over the 100 word limit but I think the extra words are worth it!

Never Wake A Sleeping Dragon!

The sunlight slipped between the piled up stones of the cave walls, reflected off the creature’s scales and uncomfortably danced around the men’s eyes.

They emerged from the rocky outcrop which they had been hidden behind, clumsily scraping their armour against it. The songbirds scattered, disgruntled that the noise had disturbed their chorus.

The creature spun into life. Its tail crashed into the first man, sending him backwards. The second man turned to run after his companion, but was unable to dodge the blast of fire that followed.

She watched the men stagger away with a small smirk across her face.

After all they should have known better than to wake a sleeping Dragon.

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