Flash Fiction Challenge – Create a Flash Fiction Challenge: Time Capsule 

Ok, this weeks Flash Fiction Challenge posted by Chuck Wendig was to create a Flash Fiction Challenge of our own. We had 100 word: Time Capsule…

In 2016,  a collaboration between all of the worlds space agencies (Nasa, ESA and Roscosmos etc) results in them leaving a time capsule on a comet. The comet has a 2000 year orbit, The time capsule is intended to be collected the next time the comet is orbiting near the Earth.  Write a 1000/1500 word story that:

  1. Mentions the time capsule (The time capsule does not need to be the stories main focus)
  2.  Is set around 2000 years in the future

Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 Word Drabble – Breathe 


Fear set in as the cold surrounded my face. There was no way out. I had just moments before I would need to breathe and welcome my mortality. Accept my fate, with a final water-filled breath flooding my lungs uncontrollably.

The panic would come. It always did.




I thrust out my arms trying to hold on to him. Stop! Please Stop!

He responded with a tightening grip, forcing me further under.

The water stung my eyes as they bolted open. My final dampened screams remained unheard. This time he went too far…

My body sunk like a stone.


This was a Flash Fiction challenge set by Chuck Wendig. The task was to write a work of fiction in just 100 Words!! Apparently it’s called a drabble.